Rayvolt Bike SL is a limited company established in Barcelona (Spain) under our sole ownership. The company is in change of the brand management, marketing, design and engineering as well as taking care of the domestic market. We choose Barcelona as a hub due to its dynamism, pool of talent and culture.


The Rayvolt bikes are born the heart and mind of its creator, Mathieu Rauzier, 40 years old. His original career has nurtured the project. A genius, after being a photographer in San Francisco, skipper and web designer in Barcelona, he obtained a degree in naval engineering.

He applies his talents to yacht design and surfing, his passion. Creator of a brand of paddle surf boards, reference in the global industry, designs the electric bicycle of your dreams, ecological, elegant, combining a miticulous design and high technology.

Together with other passionate collaborators, the visionary designer has made Rayvolt a dynamic company of ten employees with an office in Barcelona and a global distribution network.

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Whilst other e-bike companies are compenting against conventional bikes and trying to take their market share, Ravyolt is choosing a different direction. We want to fight directly against a root cause of pollution in our cities, Rayvolt wants to replace petrol mopeds and scooters. We believe that light vehicles using fossil fuel will become obsolete in 5 years. Let bikes remain bikes and replace obsolete and polluting vehicles with electric ones…


Our technology is state of the art, controlled by a main smart computer “brain" called EIVA, whilst ourt “look" harks back to the legendary era of motorcycling; the early 1900s Indian motorcycle, the 1969 Café Racer and the 1970 Beach Cruiser. The result is timeless vehicles that don't apear too futuristic and off-putting to customers and one that makes people feel sentimental about the old classic bikes of yesteryear.




Rayvolt Cruzer V3


We present the new Rayvolt Cruzer, the "Cruiser E-Bike" revolution in a "vintage look". 

The "Beach Cruiser" is available as a "Pedelec" or "E-Moped"

Imagine you are sitting on the cruiser e-bike, standing at a traffic light, and the Harley driver next door forgets to go to the green, because he looks at the "beach cruiser" in a "vintage look". It can only be a Rayvolt bike.

The design with its leather and copper elements is exceptional, the driving experience of the "Beach Cruiser" inevitably makes you look relaxed . This is exactly what a “cruiser e-bike” must be.

The "Beach Cruiser" not only convinces with its cool "vintage look", but also with its technology. With the Cruiser E-Bike you are 100 percent emission-free on the road, via motion sensors (AutoPAS) the system of this Cruiser E-Bike automatically adjusts the hub motor on the rear wheel to the terrain incline and thus regulates the driving force of the Beach Cruiser from Rayvolt

The Rayvolt Cruzer merges in the chopper look of the 60s with futuristic style elements to a timeless design. This cruiser e-bike motivates you to leave your car behind and offers a valid alternative for commuters. The vintage look is also emphasized by two leather compartments that are stylishly fitted into the frame, with the battery hidden under the saddle of the Beach Cruiser and the transverse leather compartment below the top tube of the Cruiser e-bike reminiscent of a tank of a motorcycle.

The "Beach Cruiser" is not only emission-free on the road, but Rayvolt offer Solar Charging Bike Covers at factory cost, meaning that no margin in order to incentive them to go 100% clean and has removed all pollutants from the bikes in a vintage look. So you can have a clear conscience cruising to work with the "Cruiser E-Bike" as a pedelec.

Rayvolt Clubman

RayVolt Clubman, the distinguished.

An undeniable recreational position and style.
This bike has everything to make the driver and passers-by smile!
Visit your friends, go for a ride, go to work, and all that with great class.

The Rayvolt philosophy aims to promote alternative transportation by providing a clean, high-tech way to get around in style.
The Rayvolt design combines vintage design with the highest technology making a vehicle full of character out of time.
Dare the freedom of alternative transport!

Thanks to the large tires which absorb shocks, your journeys will be very comfortable.
The erasers give you grip in all circumstances.
With its large mudguards you don't have to worry about splashing when you ride in puddles.
The bike can be delivered with a leather saddle or a very soft comfort saddle.



"Exceptional and stands out beneficially from the gray mass of the standard bicycles in the citiscape."


"The Rayvolt Cruzer Is A Turbocharged Work Of Art

On Wheels"


“The Rayvolt Cruzer is the retro-styled cafe racer of ebikes.”


The Rayvolt Torino e-Bike has a 50 Mile Range and Looks Incredible .


"Its design is influenced by the first motorcycle era, the 60’s café racer and surfing beach cruiser."

new logo6.jpg

Rayvolt’s X One e-bike is a rolling work of tech mobility art


The Rayvolt Cruzer V3 is a gorgeous machine and about as bulky as a motorcycle... 


Post Apocaliptic , Survival pack included ;-)

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