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    Jazz off the city


    A compact and urban bike that combines sport and refined style. For those who love the streets and the night. A confortable vehicle for life in the city.


    The Rayvolt Clubman electric bike has everything to please: a powerful rear Bafang motor, great comfort of use, undeniable style, a customizable VAE (2 colors, 2 batteries and 2 saddles). The charm of yesterday, the technology of tomorrow, the solution of today!


    • Product Info


      Rayvolt Custom Aluminium Hydroformed frame, Size: 1960 x 980 x 690mm, With 26 inch wheels.


      6 levels of assistance

      LCD screen: display of mileage, speed, battery level, assistance level
      Disc brakes

      Rims, mudguards, chain covers in the frame color

      Front and rear headlights connected to the battery

      Rayvolt comfort saddle (optional Brooks leather saddle)


      Leather handles


      Speed Control

      PAS (Pedal Assist System)
      7-speed Shimano Tourney TZ


      Standard battery

      SAMSUNG Li-ion 36V-10.5A Hour,  The standard range is up to 40km, depending on rider style and terrain.


      Double battery

      SAMSUNG Li-ion Dual 36V-16A Hour , The standard range is up to 80km, depending on rider style and terrain.


      Smart Hub

      Bafang Motor

      7 Speed Geared Motor

      250W. (25km/h, 15.5 Mile/h)

      • Brushless three phase DC motor
      • Outer perimeter copper coils and magnets
      • Built in high speed controller



      26"x 3" 



      26x3.0 for 26"


      E-Drive system

      Rayvolt EIVA ®



      42V and 4A

      Sdt Battery: 2,5H, XL battery 4H

      Charges directly on the bike or by removing the battery
      Vegan leather battery cover


    • Warranty Conditions

      Rayvolt bikes are heavily built in order to last a long time and remain as collectible items for the years to come. However, being a very complex item, some maintenance have to be done and some warranties are expected.


      RAyvolt Offers: 

      – Warranty for life on their frames
      – 2 years warranty on their Motors
      – 1 year warranty on parts

      Consumable such as Brake pads, tires, inner tubes are not covered in warranty unless a clear manufacturing problem is shown.

      Each warranty claim should be from our B2B on the Warranty Module.

      Shop will make a claim that will be sent to brand and distributor within 24 hours the claim will be answered to Shop with distributor in Cc.

      The claim will remain open until it is accepted as solved by the shop.

      Each claim should have all proof of defect by mean of photo or video showing clearly the serial number and the defect of the bike. If a part needs to be changed, it will be replaced locally by distributor and it will be added by the brand in the next container.

      This is why it is important for Distributor to carry some spare parts stock or keep a donor bike at all time.

      In order for the warranty to be easily handled, Rayvolt used generic bike components that could easily be replaced from any bike shop.

      The controller which is basically the only part of the motor that could show an issue is easily extractable from motor if needed to be changed.


      Warranty Form:




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